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Randall K. Wolf
Delegate District 36

Randall Wolf... for the people
Standing up for your personal rights

People are our greatest resource and that government’s role should be to support their interests and needs. Putting people first involves a commitment to listening and placing their needs has the key part of any equation in governing. I am willing to push big ideas with pragmatic perseverance. I bring financial sensibilities tied with social vision, and I am dedicated to working within the system to improve it and bring about solutions that make or communities more livable. 

Protecting personal freedoms is a core value to me, that means reproductive rights and marriage equality and being an ally of the people in the LBTGQ+ community. Support of voter's rights. 

Stewardship for rural rights to me means respecting that family farming is the bedrock of district 36. I support their rights to manage their lands. 

  • We need to create agriculture opportunities beyond cattle, corn and soybeans. Hemp and marijuana are perfect crops for our farms and create manufacturing opportunities as well. I call this "field to factory for hemp." 

  • Some family farmers want to use their land to raise energy with large solar projects. This will do many things to improve and maintain our rural ways of life. They will protect our environment with renewable energy, reduced farm pollution in our rivers, while still offer some ag uses such as grazing sheep. This will maintain the open space we love in rural Virginia. Building communities that encourage people to walk and bike to work and shopping. 


Creating greater opportunities for agriculture beyond livestock, corn, and soybean plus increased technical training to create quality careers in the Shenandoah Valley. 

We must quickly buildout infrastructure for electric vehicles along our highways.

The new District 36 includes all of Staunton and Waynesboro and the southeastern section of Augusta County, (Lyndhurst, Stuarts Draft, Greenville and Spottswood) and northern section of Rockbridge, (Brownsburg, Fairfield, and Raphine). 

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