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Virginia needs to put people first when they consider environmental policies. Promoting renewable energy, use of eclectic vehicles, and safer farming practices in the Valley will do just that. 


Stewardship of Our Land

When we talk about being good stewards of the land it combines so many layers and family farmers may understand this as well as anyone. Their grandfathers taught them to rotate crops and protect their water supplies and now they use computers and satellites to do this in The Valley. 

Solar Projects and Open space

Our rolling fields of crazing cattle or rows of corn and soybean are a big part of what we all love about living here. The heritage of our family farmers is rich here and foundational to our economy and look and feel of our communities. Open space is a key component of our way of life here and solar projects maintain that while growing our economy with over ten times the property tax rate verse ag use. Solar projects respect landowner's rights, provide renewable energy, reduce dangerous pollutants from current farming practices that one day will affect the Chesapeake Bay. Many local elected officials want more sub-divisions or another warehouse, those increase congestion, take greater local government resources and cause more pollution.  All new government buildings should be powered by renewable energy.

Electric Vehicles 

Governments should lead by example. I propose that 75 percent of all government vehicles in Virginia should be electric powered by 2033. Virginia's rest stops along interstates should have charging stations at half of their parking spaces through public/private partnerships. Tax incentives should be used to promote private purchase of eclectic cars and trucks for personal use. This will clean our air and help address our changing weather patterns and over the life of the vehicle reduce costs. 

Farming protections

Family farmers and ranchers understand the value of caring for the land and water resources their families depend on to live. Virginia provides grants to build riparian buffers and place fences to keep cattle from our rivers. These programs save local taxpayers because they reduce nutrient pollution. 

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