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Gun Violence
Mental Healthcare

A new Approuch

To fight gun violence and to help people with mental health problems or drug addiction Virginia needs funds to hire staff and provide those critical services. There is a history of uses excise taxes to control the sales of items that create social ills and fund programs to address the effects of those items like alcohol. I propose30 percent tax on the sale of all weapons and ammunition to non-law enforcement agencies. There would be a tax-free weekend for licensed hunters to purchase supplies for the season. 

The additional revenue would be dedicated to addressing gun violence and the creation of a Virginia-wide fourth group of First Responders for crisis care situations. Increase short and long-term care facilities for mental and behavorial care. It will provide additional resources for background checks, better data collection, gun buyback programs, and increased school security programs.   

Assault-style Weapons

Ban the sale of new assault-style weapons. Offer a gun buyback program to remove as many as possible from circulation. Reduce maximum clip size to ten rounds. Mandate they be in locked cases during public transport. 

Limit Magazine 

For self-defense or other uses there should not be a need for large magazines. Should the weapon be used against people a smaller clip allows time for law enforcement to react. 

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