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My Priorities

Randall is a pragmatic progressive who will...


Protect your personal rights

Prioritize a cleaner environment

Promote workers' rights

Provide increased mental healthcare

"The needs of people will always be first in my thoughts when I look at issues." Randall Wolf  

Personal rights

Randall is proud to be Woke and will be your ally in the Valley and in Richmond. He will support the rights of women to manage their healthcare with their doctor. He respects people for who they are and who they wish to be with, love is love and marriage equality is important to our society. 


Stewardship of our land and water to secure a clean environment. Reducing carbon monoxide in our air and renewable energy is critical for our future. Electric car chargers must become part of our interstate infrastructure and government 90 percent of government vehicles should be electric by 2030. Family farmers are the backbone of the Shenandoah Valley and on the front lines of protecting our waterways and the Chesapeake Bay. They should be able to raise energy from solar fields just as they raise corn, soybean or cattle on their land. Beginning in 2025 all new industrial and government buildings should be required to produce 50 percent of their energy from renewable sources. 

Worker Protections 

Virginia is a "Right to work state" What this means is employers have the "Right to Fire" you at any time they want. Workers in Virginia need our support and more opportunities to form unions. Randall supports attaching the minimum wage to the cost-of-living index, so it is always a livable wage. Workforce housing is a critical issue so families will have home near where they work. No one should be required to work seven days a week and he will submit legislation to mandate at least one day off per week.  Workers need access to paid family and medical leave social insurance program to ensure they can take up to 12 paid weeks per year away from work to care for themselves or a loved. Greater access to childcare and Pre-K is needed so working parents don't need to worry about the cost and struggles of caring for their children.



Mental healthcare

Mental healthcare is underfunded while funding for law enforcement, prisons and jails seemingly goes unchecked. This creates great burdens on families and friends of people in need of professional care. Virginia needs to expand short and long-term care facilities so that beds are available when needed. Crisis care teams need to be created as a fourth leg of first responders to care for people and not criminalize them. How to pay for this? New tax revenue from a 30 percent excise tax on the sale of guns and ammunition and tax revenue from the sales of marijuana and CBD products. 

Democratic principles

Randall will work to protect our democratic principles and voter's rights. He will be reaching out to meet with all his neighbors in their communities to hear their ideas on the issues affecting their loves in the Valley. Public education is critical to preparing the next generation of citizens and public servants. Teaching our nations complete and uncomfortable history is part of that and access to books for children to better understand the world around them.

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