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We the People...when written in 1786 only really only meant landowning white men and thankfully it means  so much more now. 


Our life experiences are different and unique. I cannot hope to fully understand your needs or desires, but I will accept them and be your ally against people who reject them based on centuries old thinking. I embrace different lifestyles and want to empower people to be able to live the life they choose.

Healthcare is between a patient and their doctor

We all need a safe a secure space to receive the healthcare we need to succeed in life. Women, including those under 18 need unhindered access to birth control and reproductive healthcare. Women need the right to end a pregnancy with the care of professional medical teams. 

  • I Support a Virginia Constitutional Amendment that protects reproductive freedoms. 

  • Health insurance carriers must provide coverage that includes coverage for prescription drugs on an outpatient basis, for any prescribed contraceptive drug or contraceptive device. 

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